Features of the Go Pro cameras

If you are looking to record video and images on the move, one of the best options is the GoPro cameras. These are small, compact, and exceptionally robust, with the ability to function under extreme conditions. In particular, they can withstand impact damage, shock, rain, and temperature changes. The GoPro cameras come in a wide variety, each with its own unique features. Understanding what each camera offers will help
enhance your overall experience.

Image quality

Image quality is an essential feature, as you are probably aware. The higher the pixel count, the clearer your image will be. A high number of megapixels, like 12 (as in the GoPro Hero 3+), offers crispier images and allows more manipulation and resizing before visible distortion becomes apparent.

Video quality

Video quality is just as significant as image quality – that is, if you want to make the most out of your GoPro camera. The video recording process involves converting multiple, continuous frames into seamless video, with each frame representing an imaged filled with megapixels. The number of pixels available in each frame is what you call the video resolution. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the video.
Some GoPro cameras, for instance the GoPro Hero 3 White, come with 3 different resolutions, with 1080p (1920×1080 pixel ratio) being the highest. The freedom to choose your own resolution allows you to record a video, even when you’re running out of storage memory. GoPro HD versions capture high definition video images, delivering higher quality playback.

Maximum frame rate per second

If you are looking to capture action shots with your GoPro, then the maximum number of frames per second (or fps) will come into play. Different GoPro cameras come with different maximum frame rates: The GoPro Hero 3 Black offers 30fps, GoPro Hero 2 functions at 10fps, while the GoPro Hero 3 White delivers 3fps. The maximum frame rate per second is simply the most number of stills your GoPro camera can take
in one second, with a high rate allowing you to capture up to thirty different still images per second. This is very useful in action shots, including wildlife and sports photography. But the higher frame rate tends to increase the aperture time as well. Aperture time is simply the amount of time the shutter takes to close and capture an image, and is directly related to the amount of light penetrating the lens. It is therefore ideal to stick to a high frame rate in high light conditions only, because it takes a longer aperture time to
capture stills under low light conditions.

AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch

Getting a Smart Watch is great idea if you are looking for something even more convenient to carry that your phone! The AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch is definitely worth considering if you are thinking of trying out a smart watch for yourself, compatible with a wide range of smart phones including Android, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and Iphone 6plus it is an excellent way to make sure you ever miss another notification again. The simple to use touch screen enables you to easily access all the watches useful functions and the comfortable, durable strap makes sure that it stays securely fastened to your wrist no matter what you are doing leaving your hands free to carry out other tasks.

Connecting the AirsspuTM Smart Watch to your device is really simple as the state of the art Bluetooth technology allows for automatic pairing when the two devises are tapped together so there are no complicated or time consuming procedures to carry out and the watch is also able to work alone as it has its own inbuilt micro sim as well. Allowing you to access all you vital information from your wrist this smart watch really helps you to stay organised and on top of your game no matter what you are doing.

Giving you the ability to view emails, sms, calendar and call notification along with information from your most used apps all from your wrist the AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch allows you to keep up to date with everything that is going on without you having to constantly check your phone, and with a whole host of other really useful feature such as pedometer, health management, sleep monitor, calendar and audio and video player it has many capabilities that you wouldn’t expect, so it can help you to manage your wellbeing as well as your working life.

The AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch is excellent value as every part of the product has been produced using the highest quality materials available, from the long lasting battery right down to the 2.5D radian glass touch screen and the aluminium alloy base and if you want to make you watch a little more unique you can also download a personalisation app so you can make sure that it reflects your individual personality, you can also take advantage of the anti lost function so you can be sure that both devices are always in range of each other.

The LG Tribute 5 (M1)

If you are looking for an affordable smart phone that has all the functions that modern life requires why not take a look at the LG Tribute 5(M1) it has all the features that you would expect from any Smartphone packaged in a stylish slimline case but doesn’t carry the heavy price tag of some other similar models. Powered by Andorid this phone allows you to surf the web, access apps and contact your friends quickly and easily and the excellent front and rear facing cameras lets you share all your specials moments as they are happening.

The large 5” IPS touch screen featured on the M1 allows you to carry out tasks easily and see all your pictures, films and other media with perfect clarity and the well laid out home page and menu screens makes it simple to navigate your way around the LG Tribute 5’s different functions making it a really straight forward and easy phone to use. Whether you are a heavy phone user or someone who just sends the occasional text message you are certain to find that this phone is straightforward to use, reliable and consistently performs well.

With the LG Tribute 5 (M1) being created using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 1.1GHz quad-core processor you can be sure that whether you are downloading or streaming files, managing apps or carrying out any other function that it will work quickly and efficiently and give you the same performance that you would expect from a far more expensive phone along with excellent graphics and picture quality. The long lasting lithium-ion battery can provide up to 14.5 hours of talk time and the 8GB internal memory means you can use it straight away, although you can also add an SD card if you require any additional data storage.

This phone is a really smart choice if you are looking for a smart phone that is really great value for money the 5MP rear and front facing camera allows you to take photos to share with your friends and the quad core processer allows you to access apps and the internet fast, so you get all the standard features that you would require from any Smartphone at a really good price. The attractive casing looks stylish and the design makes it usable and easy to carry around, combined with a reliable long lasing battery and a large 5” touch screen there is no other phone that offers you more for your money.